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Artic Wolf Floor Plans    http://rvs/fifth-wheels/arctic-wolf

Prime Time Tracer Travel Trailer Floor Plans    http://

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Thetford, Norcold, and Magic Chef manuals

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Dicor Semi-annual Roof Maint.

Camco Winterizing chart

I had to post this since it hit me hard. Tom 

From: Linda


Comments: I would like to say I am so happy with my experience with you all. I was treated so well. Thank you for helping me so much with getting a camper. With my low budget for a used camper you all did an excellent job, treated me with courtesy even with my low funds. You all went up and over what I ever expected. Thank you so much. Now to tell you my story…I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013 after 55 radiation treatments and 20 weeks of chemo, there was nothing else they could do. They sent me to columbus for an extensive surgery which took alot of body parts but saved my life. Im still recovering after 2 years but still cancer free. In between my treatments and surgery my get away was camping with a pop up lol. But I said if I survived I would save what we could to buy a camper. Thats how we found you all through my aunt and uncle Carl and Naomi. I just wanted to let you know what this has meant to me…much more than just a camper. Keep up the great  work you all do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep on camping on.

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    We would like to thank you for giving us the chance to make you the BEST deal on the internet.


    PROPANE PRICES 20=13.21, 30=19.81, 100=59.43 all plus sales tax 6%. Full Filled, not a 70% exchange tank
    We won’t charge you add-on fees like:
    1) Freight (included in prices)
    2) Dealer Prep (included in prices)
    3) PDI (included in prices)
    4) High Doc. Fees ours only ($106)
    5) NO Hyper-inflated Interest Fees
    And you will get in addition:
    1) Great Service 304-991-2743
    2) BIG discounts on additional Parts
    3) Propane tanks filled, starter kit, Deka battery (Simply the best), battery Box, all installed for just $178 with tax.

  • Tips On Taking Care of Your RV

    1) Have or look over the roof caulking at least once a year. Most manufacturers say 4 times.
    2) Low tire pressure causes the sides of the tread to wear, and causes more blowouts than anything. Nitrogen leaks out 10 times slower than regular air.
    3) If the “Air Conditioner won’t come on”, check the microwave, and if it is also off there is a 120 volt problem. This is the most frequent service problem in the summer. In 2012 a 6 year old female explained this to her father while he was on the phone with me. One of those service calls you never forget.
    4) Toilet Valves are the most common part sold last year. Why?? Recently a lady came in needing one, and she wanted 2. I asked why and she said he’d forget to winterize it again like the last 2 years. Just had to pass this on. Please Buy -50 antifreeze.
    5) Silicone, or special slide out spray on the outside slide out seals sure will reduce leakage. But we also sell lots of rubber flap slide out seals.
    6) “Propane goes dead” after around 20 days not under pressure. Ever hear someone say it has air in the propane line? It looses it’s potency.
    7) Does the “A/C motor turn on at the same time as the furnace”?? If so, the thermostat isn’t on “Auto”.
    8) Do you realize a 580 amp Deep Cycle battery charging at 10 Amps takes 58 hours to fully charge. Do the math. 58 X 10 = 580 and we just can’t explain it when they bring in a Deka battery with almost ZERO failure rate in the first 5 years. We use Deka because they have less than 1% failure rate. Not cheap though, but only THE BEST for our customers.
    9) Do you know a Dometic or Norcold refrigerator takes up to 4 hours to START COOLING.
    10) Do you realize how efficient LED lights are. Do you know you could camp for days compared to one day with old style bulbs. In the shop we replaced the 400 watt lights with just 80 watts of LED and increased the lumens of light. We have 12-Volt LED lights to replace the old doubles for just $19.
    11) A New LED TV only pulls 20-25 watts compared to an LCD TV pulling 125 watts. And they work great on 12 volt with better reception. Another case of “OLD ISN’T BETTER”. Ask my knees.
    12) “Exchange Propane tanks” only are filled to usually 70% so there is NO chance of leakage. Sure hope they charge less than $16 since filled tanks are at 80-90% fill. Weigh it, It should be 20-lbs heavier than an empty one.
    13) Did you know your old Atwood/Duo-therm furnace can be re-wired and a new board installed so the relay doesn’t go bad again. We stock almost all parts for furnaces.
    14) Please contact us if we have made mistake.
    15) Now you know more than Most 10 year camper owners.