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    The picture with the 2 cans (capacitors) shows what the converter looks like when power/voltage went too high for some reason.
    Lightening, or improperly wired up power cord.
    In the first picture, it shows the difference between a Dryer 220 volt plug, and a 120 volt RV Plug.

    Also, we have had SEVERAL RV complaints where Generators have been running and putting out 50 cycle electric instead of 60 cycle electric.
    This makes the converter shut down, and AC unit run too slow cooking it. The wrong cycles makes the motors run too fast, or too slow.

    Also, Low Voltage makes them heat up and causes a "Brown Out" referring to the color of the burned motor. Low voltage increases amperage causing more heat.
    120 volts at 14 amps = 1,680 watts normal. But 1680 watts at 90 volts = 18.67 amps which is increasing the motor heat by just over 10%. Say if it runs at 200 degrees, but change it to over 220 degrees will it take the extra heat??????? for how long????? Not a scientist.

    This is strictly Tom's opinion (experience) of things, and may find a better explanation on Google.

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